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With their increased numbers, the first darkspawn went underground and dug deeper and deeper into the earth until they found the resting place of the Old God Dumat , where he had been imprisoned. Freed from his prison and warped by the taint the darkspawn bore, Dumat became the first of the Archdemons and led the darkspawn to lay waste to the world in what would become known as the First Blight .

The awesome life-and-death power given to law-enforcement officials brings with it the responsibility to ensure that power is used responsibly. Examples of unjustified police action abound, with often lethal consequences for those caught in the crossfire. The killing of young Intezaar Ahmed, a student in Malaysia visiting Karachi for his holidays, would seem to firmly belong in the category of law-enforcement officials abusing their power. Intezaar was murdered in the DHA area of the city on an intersection where officials of the Anti-Car Lifting Cell had been posted. They initially said he had been killed by unidentified assailants on motorbikes. That story soon collapsed and Intezaar was blamed for not stopping for police checking, upon which they shot at the car. That the ACLC officials initially tried to cover up this incident is enough for action against them. But Intezaar’s father thinks there may be more to the story, and that the killing may have been pre-meditated. Eight police officials have now been remanded into custody by a district sessions court judge. This is one instance where a case for judicial intervention can be made. In incidents where law-enforcement officials are themselves the accused, there is an unfortunate history of culpability being minimised. Sindh Home Minister Sohail Anwar Siyal has said he will make an example of those responsible and Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has demanded daily reports on the matter. Their statements are welcome, and it is essential that the government conduct the investigations with as much transparency as possible. Even if the police version that they fired on the car because it refused to stop is true, that does not justify the initial attempts at covering it up. And there is also no justification for repeatedly shooting at a car that doesn’t seem to pose an immediate security threat. We rely on the police to keep us safe and the actions of a few should not be allowed to taint the work done by law-enforcement officials – at personal risk and amidst challenges. Instead of rallying around the accused, there needs to be a through and independent investigation. The families of Intezaar and all other victims in such incidents deserve justice.

If you look to turn into a sith, here is one thing to remember; when you leave the planet, if still alive, Juhanni will come with you as part of your party.

Taint - Killing For CompanyTaint - Killing For CompanyTaint - Killing For CompanyTaint - Killing For Company