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Around this time I was casting about the net looking for alleged Golfers Elbow cures, and stumbled on something called CT Cream, which is a herbal cream full of the right vitamins etc that promote healing. I found lots of nice testimonials from people who claimed it had cured them. At about £15 I figured it was worth a shot and bought some off eBay. I dutifully applied this stuff twice a day for about 6 weeks… and noticed nothing. There was not miraculous cure, nor even much improvement over the time period.

 · It's important to stop every once in a while and remind ourselves that the creatures in nature's nightmarish cavalcade of horrors are saving our lives ...

Anyone who proposes a second chance for accused rapists and sexual harassers while the rest of us are still reckoning with these injustices has no place occupying the moral high ground. There’s no need for Bryan Cranston to opine on this issue at all. But if he absolutely must, he should center the needs and voices of victims instead of worrying about the potential absolution of their abusers.

This should be self-explanatory, but it really matters about what you eat. As what you eat contains all the nutrients your body is going to be using to heal your lips and keep you alive. You need to treat your body right. Since week 9 I have changed my diet considerably. I am eating a lot of raw and fresh foods. I eat peaches, grapes, bananas, kiwis, strawberries, spinach, cantaloupe, eggs, and practically anything else you can find in the natural section of your grocery store. I’ve also been eating lots of chicken too. Just make sure when you cook it you don’t cook it in grease, just either grill it in a pan or over a flame. I’m not the best dietician kind of guy, so this is going to be very long. Just stop eating processed foods, especially products with enriched flour or high fructose corn syrup. Just stick to the natural stuff. Do some research on raw organic diets and you should come up with some good recipes. And to add to this, make sure you are getting as much sleep as possible, sleeping is when the body heals, so the more you are sleeping, the more you are healing!          
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One correction to your listing: #107 “The Big Hand” did not appear on Wish; it was a b-side of “A Letter To Elise”.

Cure, The - Maybe SomedayCure, The - Maybe SomedayCure, The - Maybe SomedayCure, The - Maybe Someday